Intro to the Blogger Masterclass



Welcome to the Beginner Blogger Workshop!

Thank you for choosing me as your instructor to introduce you to the wonderful world of blogging-- a field that is ever changing and influencing the world around us. In this course, we will be doing a deep dive into what it means to be a blogger for profit-- not for leisure. While this course will be great for anyone who just wants to create a blog that is for fun, it's geared towards those who have the immediate goal of turning a profit for it. So what exactly will we be covering?

Getting Set- Up & Content Development

The first section is all about making sure that you're set up for success with the basics. From business plans to customer avatars and deciding what content you'll be developing, this first section is dedicated to laying the groundwork for success. Content is queen and we'll be focused on just how to develop the content that your audience is waiting for.

The Social Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool-- and lucrative too when used right! During this section, we'll deep dive into Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook developing social media strategies that will compliment your blog strategy while creating a community.

Get That Paper

Sure, blogging as a hobby is fun. But you know what's better? When you get paid to have fun. In this section, we'll be taking a look at the different outlets to increase your income, how they play into your business plan and how to implement them so you're getting a return on your investment.

Now I know it's hard to not jump straight into this third section because, well, money but trust me, you don't want to!

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